Our Mission

Our Mission at Meski's Healthy 2 Go is to help our customers gain access to simple, fresh, and delectable food. In American society today, a vast majority of our food is genetically modified and artificial. Our business hopes to change that. At Meski's, we give you a plethora of healthy options to choose from. Our food speaks for itself.

Taste of Meski's Truck

We are a family owned business. The head Chef/Owner and mother is Meskerem Worku. The Manager and and son is Omedla Yared. And the sous-chef and daughter is Mahlete Yared. Come and be a part of our family.

Rave Reviews at Yelp and Food Truck Fiesta

Meski's Menu

All platters come with Ethiopian salad mixed with special Meski's dressing, and a choice of Gluten-free Basmati Rice or Ethiopian Injera (Injera is Flat Ethiopian bread resembling a large pancake. Portions of food are often placed on injera and eaten with the fingers)